EA exec claims Xbox One and Playstation 4 are “a generation ahead of the highest end PC”


EA chief technology officer Rajat Teneja has boldly claimed that the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are a generation more powerful than today’s high-end PCs

CVG report that Teneja posted an article on LinkedIn where he explained that both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 have adopted electronics and an integrated systems-on-a-chip (soc) architecture that, “unleashes magnitudes more compute and graphics power than the current generation of consoles.”

Teneja believes the new consoles will perform 8-10 times better than the PS3 and Xbox 360, and that, “these architectures are a generation ahead of the highest end PC.”

“These architectures are a generation ahead of the highest end PC on the market and their unique design of the hardware, the underlying operating system and the live service layer create one of the most compelling platforms to reimagine game mechanics.”


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