FIFA 14 is coming

If you’re worried that with the next-gen FIFA 14 looming around the corner, the current-gen of the game will be released just to keep up appearances so to speak, worry not.

EA is assuring fans that it is pushing to make both generations of FIFA a treat, and says it is “not resting on its laurels” with the development of the game for the current generation.

The game’s pro­duc­er Sebas­t­ian Enrique told MCV that, “it’s always a huge chal­lenge mak­ing FIFA,” and that EA is not rest­ing on its lau­rels just because the next-gen is com­ing. Enrique assures that the current-gen is not being left behind.

“We are doing every­thing to make the cur­rent gen­er­a­tion of FIFA fan­tas­tic,” he claimed.

“We have every­thing left to achieve. We are super ambi­tious.

“Usu­al­ly when we build the game, and we decide what we are putting in it, there are three things we try to do – inno­vate, pol­ish and lis­ten to the com­mu­ni­ty. There is still a lot of things we want to do.”

“We don’t think we’ll ever cre­ate the great­est foot­ball game. Every time we ship, I see the flaws and see how it can be much bet­ter. I always want more.”