EA were a little predictable at E3 if we are to be completely honest. Sims. Sports. And… oh my word, did they just show some Mass Effect 4 prototype footage?


And Star Wars Battlefront


Dragon Age Inquisition is looking like it will be an absolute winner, and may put to bed the complaints leveled at Dragon Age 2.

You want some FIFA 15 gameplay? Here you go then.

Criterion revealed their new game which is like Grand Theft Auto in first-person. Kinda. It also doesn’t have a name just yet.


Bruce Lee made an appearance, and people fought in EA Sports UFC.


PGA Tour… was that just a battleship? Really?


Mirror’s Edge 2 is – as we knew already – a real thing. And there were glimpses of it. And combat in it.


The Sims 4 has been dated for release on 2 September. There was also a wrist-slitting demo.

“Official” gameplay footage from NHL 15.


And for Madden NFL 15. Admittedly both these games are looking fantastic graphically.

A Battlefield Hardline beta was announced by EA and it’s… available already on PS4 and PC. Get to it now.

EA has decided it wants a piece of the MOBA action, so they’re making Dawngate. We’re pretty sure it won’t stay free though. For now, play the game for free.


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