E3: Tony Hawk grinds to Xbox 360

Microsoft on Monday debuted Tony Hawk: Ride for the Xbox 360 at the Xbox 360 E3 Media Briefing in Los Angeles.

The title will utilise a new skateboard peripheral developed by Robomodo which will include accelerometers and gyroscopes to relay an actual skateboarding experience.

Players can lean left and right and grab the board as part of their skateboard control arsenal.

Tony Hawk Ride for the Xbox 360 will be released in the second half of 2009.

I  wonder how this will compare to the current king of skaters, Skate 2. Though very different in concept and design will aspiring skaters flock to this virtual counterpart? The peripheral is kind of interesting. I you like real life skateboarding and are squeemish and don’t like pain, like me, this will definately be the way to go.