E3: Modern Warfare 2 DLC details

Microsoft showed off a crap ton of awesome gameplay video from the forthcoming Modern Warfare 2 on Monday at their E3 press briefing, but most interestingly detailed plans for exclusive DLC for the title.

That darned exclusive word, Sony fans really can’t go a day without hearing it can they?

What it means this time around is that the first two DLC packs for Modern Warfare 2 will come to Xbox Live earlier than their PS3 brethren.

Are you glad you pay for Xbox Live yet?  Microsoft is desperately trying to prove to you forking over R400 per year is worth it.  Hell, they’ve sold me.

No details on the DLC packs and what they may contain, but hey, the game itself isn’t even out yet, so let’s not get our frag grenades all up in a bunch just yet.

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