E3: Forza Motorsport 3

Turn 10 announced the third instalment for the Forza franchise. He is calling it the ‘definitive racing game of the generation’. It will include ‘memories of first cars’ and the ‘glamour of the Hollywood chase’. Personally I hope Dan Greenwalt (Forza Motorsport studio Turn 10 boss) did not mean they are going in the ‘Need for Speed’ direction with those statements at E3.

The game will feature 400 cars from 50 manufacturers, which I have read opposing reports of the game running at 60 frames per second. They will include a very beginner ‘one button drive’ mode asell as the ‘rewind’ feature seen in GRID before……oh dear, this means the ability to rewind and correct your mistakes.


The Forza stand at E3 saw a presentation of designing and sharing liveries aswell at a very cool HD video editor, which enables you to upload your saved video to the community. They also gave public a peak at some of the cars that will feature in the next instalment, which should include just about everything going on the numbers they have announced.

This will undoubtably be a run-away success like its predessors, but this time its going to be real good looking. Watch out Gran Turismo.