E3: Flippin Final Fantasy 7, 13, 14!

For fans of the Final Fantasy series, E3 2009 has been something of a bonanza. Final Fantasy VII is being re-released, there was a new English-language trailer for Final Fantasy XIII, and Final Fantasy XIV was announced, although whether it’s actually a PS3 exclusive or if it’ll also be coming to the Xbox 360 isn’t yet clear.

Final Fantasy VII

OK, so it may not be the Final Fantasy VII PS3 remake a fair portion of us would like to see, but it’s better than nothing. Final Fantasy VII is now available to buy from the Playstation Store. So while early adopters of the PS3 are swapping their PS1 discs around, the rest of us can download it to our PS3s for the frankly bargain price of $9.99 (R100???) and forget all that jazz.

The game is 12 years old now but still stand ups to scrutiny. At least it did the last time I played through it in full a couple of years ago. The graphics look as dated as hell, as is to be expected, but the storyline and gameplay is still there and as top quality as it was the first time we all played it. And we did pretty much all play it back in the day. Didn’t we?

Final Fantasy XIII

There wasn’t much news on Final Fantasy XIII at E3 2009. Mainly because this is the game we’re all waiting for and the less said the better in order not to remind us all how damn long the translation is taking. The game is already out in Japan and is just under a year away from release in North America. Us poor saps in South Africa are left hoping we’ll actually get our hands on it before the end of 2010.

There was some comfort at E3 in the form of a new trailer, including (shock horror) English language. The footage is not any different to what we’ve already seen but the fact those of us who aren’t blessed with speaking Japanese can actually understand what’s going on is a bonus.

Final Fantasy XIV

And so we come to the big announcement of E3, probably one of the biggest surprises of the whole show because there had been no word, no rumors, and no speculation about Final Fantasy XIV prior to E3 2009. The game was unveiled during the Sony press conference as an online MMORPG which will be released simultaneously on the PC during 2010.

Sony stated that the game would be a PS3 exclusive but that’s not quite accurate. Square Enix has since explained that the company will be “considering all options”. Which means it may well be coming to the Xbox 360 as well, just don’t quote me on that. I’d guess the game will be a PS3 exclusive but Square isn’t willing to say that quite yet. Maybe it’s waiting for Microsoft to offer a truckload of cash for it not to be the case. I sure as hell hope so.

Final Fantasy XIV is going to see a return to the medieval style of former games rather than the sci-fi styling of more recent releases. It’s also being designed to cater for as many people as possible, those who want to play with friends for short periods of time and those who want to veg out all day in front of their TVs.