E3: Come on join the Joy Ride

Up until Joy Ride for Xbox 360, we were a little skeptical of free downloadable content because Yaris was a joke. Thankfully, this game is anything but. Microsoft has thus far done a cool job designing a free to play racer starring avatars.

Joy Ride’s all about customization and friendly competition. The game’s designers import your avatar into the world, and from there you choose a fictitious car/truck from a plethora of different models. You can even alter the vehicle’s paint job and tweak some things under the hood to adjust performance. And when you’re on the track in Stunt Park mode, you can switch rides on the fly. Don’t like the red sports car? No sweat. Go for the van.

At the moment, no other mode perfectly captures the essence of Joy Ride like Stunt Park. Here, the developers give you an enormous world to explore at your leisure. Players can keep their eyes on the road and do laps, but what’s the fun in that? We’d much rather go off road to search for hidden areas, fly off ramps or shoot our vehicle out of a cannon. We can even wind around a loop 360 degrees like Sonic the Hedgehog.

In addition, there’s a cool trick mechanic that allows for some insane stunts. To bust out a death defying move, simply press Y and tilt the left analog stick in the desired direction. If done correctly, your avatar will stick its legs out a window while driving or pop out of the sunroof.

Stunt Park’s a good time, but there’s also team racing, where it’s all about red versus blue (first person to cross the finish line picks up the victory for his or her respective team). Microsoft plans to add additional modes, but wouldn’t discuss them further.

Like most things, Joy Ride’s a bit too good to be true. Although you’ll be able to download and play this 3-D racer free of charge, the powers that be plan to pump the game full of content and slap price tags onto it. This may include new vehicles, levels and other attractive things. We just hope these microtransactions don’t hurt our wallets.

For now, though, Joy Ride’s already better than Yaris and that’s a huge step in the right direction. Look for it this spring.

Source : GameDaily

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