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Some will claim the late start means nothing. To those watching at 3am in the morning, starting late is a slap in the face. Come on Sony…

Erm. What. The. F*** is this montage with awful music nonsense you’re starting with?

Jack Tretton comes out to ‘welcome to the new age’, and promptly sucks up to the audience. Isn’t this the kind of thing Microsoft has been ripped a new one for before?

PS3 and Vita “stronger than ever” and are part of expanding the PlayStation eco-system. Vita games being announced, but considering the time in South Africa, this one is not even remotely interested. God of War 1 and 2 HD, Killzone Mercenary and plenty more will be coming to the portable Sony console. 28 fortnights later: The Walking Dead 400 Days coming to Vita this August.

As the PS3 hits its seventh holiday season, you can expect The Last of Us which is – if you didn’t know – out on Friday. There’s also Puppeteer, Rain, Beyond Two Souls and Gran Turismo 6. And then it’s Batman: Arkham Origins. Really. It’s 3:30am in the morning and you’re killing time with games we’re more than a little familiar with? Ah. Nightfall and 1960s Batman DLC is a PS3 exclusive to Batman: Arkham Origins.

GTA V PS3 console will be available on 21 September. But nothing else was shown in connection with the game.

You can expect 300 titles coming to the PS3 this year still.

PS4_01PS4 time. And it looks like… a box. With angled sides. And it features “meaningful” media and social services. Music, movies and other entertainment stuff. New programming plan “exclusive to PSN”. Sounds a little like something we heard on 21 May… Music Unlimited and Movies Unlimited will be available on PS4 launch, giving access to millions of tunes and movies.

Live Events viewer being added… partners dependent from around the world. It’s TV. TV. TV…

Gaming. Sony’s studios have been involved in the design of the PS4. 20 first party PS4 titles in development for the first year of launch – 12 are new IPs.

Ready at Dawn’s PS4 exclusive goes a little steampunk with werewolves. It’s called The Order 1886 and looks pretty tasty indeed.

We were reminded of Killzone Shadow Fall, Drive Club, inFamous Second Son and Knack, and are launch titles.

The Dark Sorcerer looked interesting until it got overly wacky and failed to reveal any gameplay.

Supergiant Games – the makers of Bastion – will release their new game Transistor on the PS4 first.

Indie developers can self-publish their own content across all PlayStation platforms. Sony is really firm on their stance about supporting Indie Developers and have added a number of new studios. Abe is back. Good show of indie support by Sony.

Diablo 3 will feature exclusive items for PS3 and PS4 from other PlayStation games.

Square Enix join Sony on stage. Final Fantasy Versus XIII is now Final Fantasy XV and will be on PS3 and PS4 exclusively. Kingdom Hearts III was announced for PS4.

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag got a run on the Vita.

The ever impressive Watch Dogs continues to impress. The gameplay demo was impressive. Did we mention it was impressive? PlayStation owners get an additional hour of gameplay.

2K’s NBA 2K14 features lifelike characters. And basketballs.

Bethesda have announced that come Spring 2014 you will be able to enjoy the Elder Scrolls Online on your PS4.

And from nowhere, Mad Max cruised in. Developed by Avalanche Studios, the PS4 version will be getting exclusive content.

Jack Tretton retuns to say that globally there are over 140 titles in development for PS4. And then he really starts to turn the screws on Microsoft.

  • There are no restrictions on used games.
  • There is no need to periodically “check in” online. You’re console won’t stop working if you haven’t checked in, in other words…

For many, that is the moment Sony beat Microsoft.

Some of the other new PSN features include being able to play a game while downloading in the background, cross game chat, and PS plus will be expanding. The subscription will carry over to PS4, and subscribers will be covered over PS3, PS Vita and PS4 all for one price.

PS Plus has seen an increase of 144% and PS Plus Satisfaction stands at 95%. As a thank you, PS Plus subscribers will get immediate access to DriveClub PS Plus Edition when the PS4 launches.

PlayStation is “all about games”.

And the world gameplay premier of Destiny knocks our socks off. Pity about the prats doing the demo… Bungie, Activision and Sony are in a partnership for the game, but details were scarce on this.

PlayStation Cloud Gaming Service via Gaikai will arrive in 2014 in the US first and will enable PS3, PS4, then Vita to stream PS3. It is promised to be “fast, responsive.”

And then, to drive the stake into Microsoft’s heart, the price. $399  / €399 / £349 RRP and it will be available “this holiday season” in the US and Europe.

Sony: “True consumer ownership and true consumer trust is crucial.” Mission accomplished.