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The Microsoft conference started with a little surprise. A former Sony platform exclusive making it’s first showing on a Microsoft platform. Sign of the times maybe? Either way, were up first with the Kojima Productions and Fox Engine powered Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain. The game is open world and looks rather decent.

Microsoft were quick to ensure that they still focus on the Xbox 360. In fact there’s a revamped (in terms of looks) console available now which will sit nicely with the styling of the Xbox One. It’s slimmer and quieter. Hopefully, it’s cheaper too.

Xbox360EStarting 1 July, all new and existing Xbox LIVE Gold subscribers will be able to download two free games a month to keep. The new initiative will run until the Xbox One launches, but we’re pretty willing to bet Microsoft will not stop it then, but modify it. The first games available will be Assassin’s Creed 2 and Halo 3. Fable 3 is available for the month of June.

Microsoft has also promised that there are “100s” of new games coming to 360, and World of Tanks will be one of them. The game will be free and appears on the console for the first time. Heck, 600 million people can’t be wrong…

Max The Curse of Brotherhood which looks like a Pixar film crossed with a platformer was introduced for the 360. The game is being developed by Press Play.

Dark Souls 2 will also be coming to the Xbox 360.

And then it all went Xbox One. According to Microsoft, there are more titles in development for the console than any time in Xbox’s history.

But why they chose to start with Ryse: Son of Rome is anyone’s guess. The game is QTE heavy but does look pretty darn sexy.

Killer Instinct returns, and the fighting game is an Xbox One exclusive.

Insomniac Games revealed their open world shooter Sunset Overdrive, which changes daily due to community influence. It’s all wacky, shooting fun with parkour and exclusive to Xbox One.

Forza Motorsport 5 marks the “beginning of a new era” for the series. The game features ‘Drivatar’ technology, which essentially replaces traditional AI and learns how your friends drive “delivering real human behavior and an ever-evolving network of opponents”. The in-game footage looks amazing.

There’s a Minecraft Xbox One Edition.

The game that brings games and a TV series together in a crossover looks incredible. It’s called Quantum Break and is being developed by Remedy for Xbox One.

D4 is an episodic murder mystery developed by Deadly Premonition creator Swery65.

Project Spark brings Kinect and Smartglass together in an open-world “digital canvas” where you can build anything and any game you want. Interesting concept, but not for everyone.

Some Xbox LIVE stuff. Smartglass is now “natively” built into Xbox One. This will allow you access to instant real-time stats to compare your progress against any of your friends.

Matchmaking for a multiplayer game now happens in the background while you play another game.

Game footage is automatically recorded, and using ‘Upload Video’, you can personalise clips. A partnership with Twitch allows games to be instantly broadcast due to the feature being built in to Xbox One.

You will be able to have more than 100 friends. Real money (from your region) will replace Microsoft Points.

Any users on your console may reap the benefits of Gold membership if you are a Gold member.

Crimson Dragon another exclusive was revealed. It features dragons.

Dead Rising 3 will be an Xbox One exclusive and features a “rich, open world with no load times”. Yes, it’s more open world, with more vehicles, and more weapon combinations. That means more zombies being killed. Bastards. The game features Smartglass integration, which allows you to call in air support and other nastiness.

The Witcher 3 also features Smartglass integration, as well as optional voice commands. Those features are only available on Xbox One.

EA and DICE popped on to stage and showed off Battlefield 4 running at 60fps. The first piece of DLC for the game – a map pack called ‘Second Assault’ – will be available first on Xbox One.

A new IP with a unique angular look was introduced. The game is called Below, and that’s all we know about it.

Microsoft revealed that they have five new studios developing games for their new console. One of them is Black Tusk who is busy with a new unnamed AAA title shown off. Looks like a fast paced Splinter Cell.

And then the only real non-surprise of the conference. Halo. They appear to be calling it Halo Xbox One, but most will call it Halo 5. It’s only on Xbox One, and looks damn fine in the sand. The game will run at 60fps thanks to cloud computing and other tech stuff. The game is out in 2014.

The most important part of the night. Xbox One is out November in 21 markets around the world (don’t hold your breath SA) and will cost $499.99, €499 (EUR) or £429 (GBP).

The show ended with Respawn Entertainment’s Titanfall, which looks like Call of Duty with big ass mechs… Not a bad thing. The game is out on PC, Xbox 360 and Xbox One in Spring 2014.

We will be posting all the videos in another article, so keep your eyes peeled.