Well, that was frankly all a little underwhelming.

Xbox’s press conference proved a little disappointing with almost no real thrills and spills and certainly no surprises.  Had they maybe not let the cat out of the bag early on Gears of War, they would’ve maintained a genuine trump card.  As it stands, one can only suspect that this E3 – while “all about the Xbox 360” – really is the last one for this generation of console.

The Xbox conference kicked off with Halo 4 footage, and it looks exactly as you would expect it to.  The enemies sport promising new designs and we’re pretty sure it will kick all sorts of Covenant backside on release.

Next was the also rumoured and now confirmed Splinter Cell Blacklist.  The game releases Spring 2013 on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC and will feature Kinect Voice Commands on Xbox 360 as well as seeing the return of the Spy vs Mercs multiplayer mode.

FIFA 13 and Madden 13 also got a showing, but only to boast that it’s “better with Kinect”.  Fable The Journey popped in to remind all that it still exists and uses Kinect to make you feel part of the game.  Then, just as one was about to nod off for forty winks Gears of War: Judgment (but it’s Judgement damn it!) showed off its first trailer and promised to see us in 2013.

You can grab Forza Horizon on 23 October 2013 – it features cars if you didn’t know.  It also features “stunning graphics and cutting-edge music”.


There was a procession of Apps that South Africans would never be able to get – let alone use most likely – which included music and movies and digital sport and exercise.  Meh.  Xbox Smartglass appeared and appeared rather interesting and turns any TV into a “smart TV”.

Hello boys.  It’s Lara from Tomb Raider looking a little worse for wear and showing off her archery skills.  Looks like she’s gone all action hero like her male counterpart Nathan Drake… and they’ve added XP to the mix.  Level up Lara.

Three new exclusives were announced.  Sadly, only Ascend New Gods looked to be of any interest.  It, along with Loco Cycle and Kinect game Matter are due in 2013.


Resident Evil 6 has violence and QTEs… but you knew that already.  You didn’t know there was a cutesy XBLA Kinect exclusive called Wreckateer coming this summer [Northern Hemisphere] we’ll bet…

Trey Parker and Matt Stone made some funnies and reminded us that South Park The Stick of Truth is still being made.  Dance Central 3 is unsurprisingly also being made and Usher sang a song to make you wish it wasn’t.

Then, it was the final announcement.  Surely, this was going to be the headline grabber.

No Black Ops 2 will feature near future weapons and some exclusive (we assume timed) content.

And that was it.  Maybe a “good night” and “enjoy E3”, but I was wondering what the hell the point of all that really was.  Maybe next year will be your year Microsoft…