Well, so far it’s been pretty clear that there are no major surprises coming out of E3.  Microsoft/Xbox didn’t reveal anything that wasn’t already known, and neither did EA.  It’s pretty much been confirmations on all the rumours that have been doing the rounds recently along with a fleshing out of details and maybe a release date or two.

EA kicked off with Dead Space 3, which confirmed co-op, showed a giant centipede and set its stall as a more action orientated entry to the franchise.  The game is scheduled for February 2013.

Madden 13 makes a surprising (note: sarcasm) return this year with an all new ‘Infinity’ physics engine and career mode.  Sim City and Sim City Social are coming for wannabe property tycoons and the former will arrive with multiplayer for the first time.  Sim City Social will be a Facebook game.  if you know what Facebook is…

The completely unspoken of (note: sarcasm) Battlefield Premium was confirmed and is available for purchase now.  If you want details, you can find them here, but what it won’t tell you is that Close Quarters DLC is available right away for PS3 BF Premium subscribers and that Xbox 360 and PC will be waiting around two weeks.

Star Wars Old Republic got mentioned and apparently there’s a new expansion pack coming adding more!  Medal of Honor Warfighter will be going global on its 23 october release.  Global as in visiting all the real world hotspots around the, erm, globe.  The gameplay shown is looking very, very good and features: Slo-mo breaches!  Remore control buggies!  People shooting!  And people getting shot!  The multiplayer will feature 12 teams/units from 10 countries.

EA Sports has a comprehensive line-up of sports with the suffix ’13’ coming this year, but most likely the one that will interest most of our readers is the fact that FIFA 13 will continue essentially from where and how you finished off FIFA 12 – at least via Football Club.  Expect to see Messi staring back at you from the cover when the game releases later this year.

EA also announced a brand new multi-year deal with UFC to develop and publish UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) games worldwide.

Need for Speed Most Wanted was again confirmed and will be developed by Criterion for a 30 October release.

EA ended their presentation with the familiar looking Crysis 3 which was slapped with a release window of February 2013.


And that was it from the EA chaps.

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