Let’s start with one of the games that doesn’t have ‘Elder’ in the title… Dishonored.  Arkane Studios’ Raf Colantonio takes us on a walkthrough of the powers and stealth gameplay of Dishonored.  The game releases 9 Ocotber in the US and 12 October in the UK.

Elder Scrolls Online got itself a teaser trailer for E3 2012 (teases the characters to feature) along with an interview.  In the interview Game Director chats with the All Access Live show to share a fly-through of the MMO’s environments and elaborate on the key gameplay elements.

The other game which features ‘Elder’ in the titleElder Scrolls V Skyrim – got a little gameplay airtime for its upcoming expansion Dawnguard.  In the first video Todd Howard talks about Dawnguard showing some of the Vampire Lord combat and more.  The second video features Gamespot talking about their hands on with the DLC expansion.


Game director Todd Howard said (via Joystiq) about the DLC: “Tentatively, it’s coming on June 26.”

Dawnguard will be available to download for 1600 MS Points (£13.71).  The first two DLC packs for Bethesda’s RPG will be timed exclusives to Xbox 360 for 30 days from release.