E3 2011 | Zombie Apocalypse 2 Announced

Konami add Zombie Apocalypse 2 to their E3 2011 announcements. The working titled name is the follow up to 2009’s smash-hit twin-stick action shooter, will be coming back this fall to the Xbox LIVE Arcade.

Being developed by Backbone Entertainment, Zombie Apocalypse 2 is said to take the chaos and pandemonium of the original to new heights as players fend off hordes of zombies and fight for survival in the series’ latest installment.

Zombie Apocalypse 2 will feature four new unlikely heroes emerge and encounter yet another Apocalypse while on a reclusive island.

Players will need to navigate through the island finding various ways to obliterate their zombie aggressors while keeping an eye out for any remaining human survivors.

The end goal is to find a way off their island deathtrap, save who they can and do so without becoming one of the infected. To give players a fighting chance at survival, a new squad-based gameplay mechanic has been introduced, giving players full control of all the action whether they choose to play alone or with up to four players cooperatively. The game will also allow players to swap from one team member to the next as each team member will have his or her own set of weapons and abilities. It will become crucial for players to learn each hero’s strengths and weaknesses if they’re going to survive the night.