DTF Squad Rush Tournament Announced [X360]

Proving that one does not need big name sponsorships to make things happen, Xbox 360 clan DTF – in conjunction with us lumbering fools here  – are proud to announce the DTF Squad Rush Tournament for the Xbox 360.

The tournament registrations are now open (right here), and will close next week Monday 5 November.  The tournament proper will kick off pretty soon after that. Each team needs to supply four players and it is recommended that you have two reserves on standby.  If you’re a lone wolf currently, you can also register and will be placed with a team in a Wild Card draw.

Of course, no-one wants to play anything without some sort of an incentive, and in this particular case, the clan themselves are sponsoring the prizes, while we will be sponsoring the servers needed to run the tournament with as little hassle as possible.

Currently, there is around R2400 worth of prizes to give away which will include Microsoft point vouchers and Xbox Live subscriptions.  While the exact first prize is still to be confirmed, on the table for the winning four man team is:

  • 4x 2100 MSP codes
  • 4x 12 month Xbox Live subscription codes

There will also be a prize for the second place along with some random prize draws.  Any person or company wanting to get involved and sponsor a prize can contact either us zombies (info@zombiegamer.co.za) or the clan.

  1. The game mode that will be played is Squad Rush
  2. The tourney is only open to current residents of South Africa.
  3. The tourney uses a double elimination structure.
  4. Three (3) maps will be played, with two rounds on each map. Each team has a turn to attack and defend on each map
  5. A win as a defender gives your team one (1) point, the same goes for a win as an attacker. The points are accumulated across the 3 maps. In the event of a tie, a final “sudden death” round is played: The winner of this round is then declared the winner for the match.
  6. Two (2) maps are decided by the team leaders. Team A may choose one map, and Team B may choose the other. The third map is chosen by the organisers and will rotate every week.
  7. Only Vanilla BF3 maps are allowed to be chosen. No DLC maps will be allowed.
  8. Each squad may only enter four (4) members into the tourney, with two (2) reserves allowed.
  9. Each round of the tourney will last a week, matches must be arranged and played within this week. Contact details of the opposing team for a match-up will be provided at the start of each round.
  10. In the case of a No Show by a team, the opposing team will win by default. If your team cannot make a match which you arranged, then you must contact the opposing team and rearrange 24 hours before the game is meant to start.
  11. There will be two (2) referees per game. There must be a referee present in each team’s Xbox Live chat party.
Game settings:

The server will be set to the following settings:Preset: Normal (changes are specified below)
Kill Cam: DisabledAll games will be hosted on servers that are provided to us by Zombiegamer. The names of those servers will be released shortly.

Banned Equipment:

C4 Explosives and Mortars are not allowed.


In the event that player disconnections occur, one (1) player from each team is allowed to disconnect. The game will continue normally, but teams are expected to keep a reserve on standby to replace the missing player.If multiple players from a single team disconnects (2 or more), then the remaining players are required to halt the match. This will be facilitated by the referees.If the server drops and all players are disconnected, the score up until that point is recorded and the teams must resume their match when the server is joinable again.Please note, the rules are subject to change until the official start of the tourney matches. The rules list will be considered final on Monday, 5 November 2012.

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