DriveClub rumoured to be delayed


The Playstation 4 may have been dealt another blow, as it sounds like another launch title, DriveClub, has also been delayed to next Spring 2014.

This would follow the massive news that Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs has been delayed, a title that makes the next-gen consoles all the more sweeter prospect at launch.

Gamespot report that multiple reports recently surfaced claiming that DriveClub may be delayed. Kotaku then confirmed that the primary suggestive report wad indeed accurate and that DriveClub would only see release in spring 2014.

The rumour was further fueled when the game was take off a press event that took place yesterday in San Fransisco, and the reason given was that it conflicted with the line-up scheduled.

Sony has not commented on the rumour and DriveClub design director Paul Rustchynsky said on Twitter that he could not confirm the delay.

“Unfortunately guys I don’t have any new information on DriveClub to share.

“I’ve been out if the office for a week looking after my newborn!” he wrote.

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