DriveClub PS Plus Edition will launch alongside game


Sony has confirmed to Eurogamer that the Playstation Plus Edition of DriveClub will launch alongside the main game.

The launch date of October 8 was released yesterday for the game, and now as it was originally announced, DriveClub will be free for PS Plus subscribers.

“PlayStation Plus subscribers will be able to download DriveClub PlayStation Plus Edition at no extra charge on launch day,” confirmed Sony.

Keep in mind though, the PS Plus Edition of the game will lack a few assets such as cars and tracks. So the full version will still need to be purchased if you want the full slice of cake.

If you are a little concerned with just how much will be missing, Evolution did state earlier that there will still be plenty of content. The studio confirmed earlier that the online multiplayer, the asynchronous challenges and the single player campaign will all be included in the PS Plus version.

And if you are really taken by the game, and want the full slice of cake, you’ll be able to upgrade to the full version online through the PlayStation Network.

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