Week three of the Dream Gear Battlefield 3 Close Quarters League on PS3 has ended with a mixture of highs and lows for all teams involved, but prepares to move forward and into the cut and thrust of the knockout phases starting tonight.

The last round of games in the pool stages saw no real upsets, but did come with some controversy with an accusation of cheating being brought up.  This appears to have been handled between the relevant parties and the tournament appears to be back on track.

The eight teams that made their way into the knockout phases represent from pretty much each of the major BF3 PS3 clans currently, and the next three weeks of competition should prove pretty intense.  Teams from SAEF, NiN, MoM, LGD, GFY, SZG and xLx are all represented, ensuring the games in the knockout will be high quality matches.

Week three results:

BF3 CQ Week 3

Standings after three weeks:

BF3 CQ Pool_03

The Knock-out bracket:


The clan and player interviews kept on rolling out this past week, and their were some big names featured:

In what probably best sums up the South African Battlefield 3 PS3 community, NiN and SAEF GRU paid a touching tribute to the SAEF GRU Clan Leader Deanglobal on the loss of a family member, which included a minutes silence and a 21 gun salute.  We salute the players, and our condolences go out to Dean and his family.

The league is sponsored by Dream GearAWX and Super Test with clan GFY administering it all.