Dream Gear BF3 CQ League | Week One Report


The Dream Gear Battlefield 3 Close Quarters League on PS3 is about to complete its first week of competition.  The league, sponsored by Dream Gear, AWX and Super Test is once again brought about by hardworking members of the SA gaming community – this time in the shape of clan GFY.

So what has gone down in the first week?  No planes that’s for sure.  Bodies have however hit the floor as 15 eight-man (and women) teams have taken to the anarchy of the Close Quarters maps.  With the first matches complete there is nothing to really divide teams in the four pools.  The next round of matches which kick off later today should really see the teams jostling and consolidating their position in their respective pools.  With the top two of each pool going on to the knockout phases, the matches tonight should be really tense affairs.

The results and pool positions after week one are as follows:

BF3 CQ Week 1BF3 CQ Pool_01

To keep the community involvement in the tournament, GFY have also done some clan interviews, and the first week’s featured clans are Soul and Knights of War.  Support SA gaming and check out the teams.  We did and we’re now more informed than you, and you don’t want a zombie to be the smart one now do you…?

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