Dragon Age II: Release Date and Boxart

dragon age 2 logo

Dragon Age II got an official release date at GamesCon yesterday in the US. Bioware announced that the US and EU will be getting Dragon Age II early March 11 2011, so we can only assume we will be getting locally sometime in March too.

Bioware reported a more dynamic storytelling and visual redesign for the sequel, which it hopes will aid the title reach a broader audience. The first sold well, but not as well as was expected.

1UP got their hands on the game and had this to say:

“Although the fighting mechanics themselves seem to have changed to a hack-n-slash type of gameplay, players still have the ability to be tactical by pausing the action, and having the different party members perform their special attacks. Such as the unnamed Mage that was on display, who casted some powerful area-of-effect attacks that turned goblins into putty in a matter of seconds; pretty bloody and impressive stuff.”

And here is the boxart: