Dota 2’s The International 2014 prize pool sitting at $10 million

imageValve’s official Dota 2 tournament for the year -The International 2014 – is currently sitting on a prize pool of over $10 million.

MCV spotted that the game’s official site is currently showing a pool of $10,120,673.

As MCV explains, the figure is driven by Dota 2’s community through the sales of The Compendium – the digital offering that gives access to various ways of participating in the tournament. Then Valve has put in $1.6m into the pot to reach the total figure.

So as it stands, the winner of the tournament will receive a guaranteed minimum of $5m at this point, however that amount is expected to still rise.

Wow, just wow. That would make a South African extremely wealthy in Rands… for playing games!

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