DoGaming League Xbox 360 FIFA 13 Registrations now open for 2013

But why exactly is this newsworthy you ask?  Because Do Gaming League has decided to change its stance slightly regarding its exclusion of a FIFA 13 league on Xbox 360 next year.

Last week the League decided to announce a PS3 only FIFA 13 league and generally appeared to shift its focus otherwise on PC gaming for next year’s leagues.  Following a small, but vocal (and pretty polite) enquiry by the Xbox 360 FIFA 13 community, Do Gaming League has now opened registrations for Xbox 360, but will only run the competition if they get 75 or more registrations by the end of the year.

So do your part if you are an Xbox 360 FIFA 13 player and register here.  Otherwise – like any election – don’t complain after the fact that you never got what you wanted.

For more South African FIFA 13 related news check in during the course of today as we give coverage to two recent FIFA 13 tournaments held in Cape Town.