Dofus and Wakfu films announced

Since the online video game DOFUS continues to seduce an ever-expanding community of players, and the animated series has been a great success on France Télévisions (currently broadcast exclusively on the group’s channels France 3 and France 4), Ankama has decided to bring both these productions to the big screen.

Since its creation in 2001, Ankama has continued to develop the mythology of its own universe. Original, colourful, rich and full of fantasy, it currently reaches from the ages of the Dofus to the Wakfu era and is still growing towards a third era, which, for the moment, is still top secret. Each of these projects works towards filling in, and filling out, the timeline. It’s this fascinating universe, which unites a community of 35 million fans, that Ankama would like to adapt for the cinema.

The first feature length animation put in production, DOFUS Book 1: Joris Jurgen, will be the one based on the era of the DOFUS game, which is set 1,000 years before the Wakfu series takes place. Its cinema release will be accompanied by an animated series entitled, “DOFUS, the series” and will consist of 26 episodes, each lasting 26 minutes which will be produced with France Télévisions.

Following this, the Wakfu film will get its turn to take over movie theaters. The events will be set after the first two seasons, currently produced with France Télévisions.

Ankama, with its vision of innovative entertainment, will, over the coming years, provide you with a real saga, a journey into the heart of a fantastic world.

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