DmC ‘Dante Skins DLC’ now confirmed for the West arriving end of January


Capcom recently announced that Japan was to receive new Dante skins for Ninja Theory developed DmC Devil May Cry.

It appeared as if this would be Japan only, but Eurogamer has since updated the story with Euro and US pricing and release date.The pack containing “Classic Dante,” “Dark Dante,” and “Neo Dante” will be priced at around R40 £3.19 / €3.99 / $4.00 on PSN or 320 Microsoft points on XBL.

The Classic skin features Dante with his iconic long white hair and red trench coat. Then one of the others, assumed to be the Neo Dante, feature the new haircut but in white.


It has also been confirmed that Capcom will release ‘Vergil’s Downfall’ in late February.

Featuring Dante’s twin brother in his own downloadable chapter with a new storyline, fresh weapons and combos, unique enemies and four difficulty levels.

‘Vergil’s Downfall’ DLC will be priced at £7.29 / €8.99 / $8.99 / 720 MS Points (£6.17).




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