Dissidia 012[duodecim] Final Fantasy | Release date, ‘Legacy Edition’ and ‘Online Character Tournament’ detailed

Square Enix’s DISSIDIA012 [duodecim] FINAL FANTASY will be released as a special Legacy Edition across PAL territories from 25th March 2011, exclusively for the PSP as a standalone standard retail release.

DISSIDIA 012[duodecim] FINAL FANTASY is the blockbuster follow-up to the smash hit DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY, offering a winning mix of fighting game action and RPG depth, starring the most memorable heroes and villains from the worlds of the FINAL FANTASY series.

In addition to a copy of DISSIDIA 012[duodecim] FINAL FANTASY, the Legacy Edition will include a number of special in-pack items comprising exclusive downloadable costumes for Tifa and Squall, and six Deluxe Character Lithograph Art Prints, all presented in special white packaging with exclusive Legacy Edition sleeve artwork.  The pack will also include a voucher for the user to claim a 50% discount off the purchase of the original FINAL FANTASY game from PlayStation Store.

Players who can’t wait to experience the forthcoming action can participate in an online character tournament by voting for who out of eight previously shortlisted DISSIDIA warriors they want to see battle against each other.

Commencing today and running for eight weeks, anyone can vote on which of the characters they want to see win each of the knock-out rounds, with SQUARE ENIX releasing a video of the chosen battle and result via the official site and DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY facebook page.  The eight characters taking part in the tournament – four from the side of Cosmos and four from the Chaos side – have been preselected by fans via a poll on the SQUARE ENIX MEMBERS website and the official DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY facebook page.

For more information, visit the SQUARE ENIX MEMBERS website or the DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY facebook page.