Dishonored to Heavily Push Player Choice

Dishonored is in development at Arkane Studios and is in good hands – by co-creative directors Raphael Colantonio [Arx Fatalis], and Deus Ex lead designer Harvey Smith. It is also one of the more interesting looking upcoming titles, taking on the first-person stealth action genre, in what looks to be a vastly story-driven title.

The UK’s Official PlayStation Magazine recently interviewed Colantonio [as reported by CVG]  who revealed that Dishonored will vastly push on the choices players make in the game, something that is usually common with RPG titles.

“To us, player choice, the choice in a video game in general is what makes the experience unique to each player, and it’s what makes a big difference between a movie and a game, so as many choices as you can make a second the more interesting for us it is,” explains Colantonio.

The co-creative director explained that that players can either take a stealth or a more brutal approach, and that the studio believes players will play a combination of the two approaches.

Interestingly Colantonio also says players will at “every instance” have this feeling that you can “improvise and make plans.”

“If things go wrong then you have to use some creativity to get out of the situation.”

Watch the full interview below…

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