DICE don’t want to make a “Star Wars plus Battlefield” with Star Wars Battlefront


DICE is currently in the earliest stages of building Star Wars Battlefront, and have been clear from the get-go that they want the reboot to offer a new experience inside this beloved universes.

Speaking to IGN, DICE’s Patrick Bach has been specific in that the studio does not want  to make a, “Star Wars plus Battlefield.”

“Because that would be boring, right?

“In general, we wouldn’t build a game that is a copy of someone else’s game.

“We couldn’t do that. We’re too stubborn and too annoying for people to think we could do that.”

DICE are apparently still figuring out what they want to build, and say the studio, “looks at the history of the Battlefront franchise to reverse engineer it…to find out what it was supposed to be.”

In case you missed it, here’s the announcement trailer which was revealed at E3 2013…

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