Diablo III Accounts Hacked and Loot Stolen

A Eurogamer writer’s Diablo III account was hacked over the weekend and Eurogamer report that they have received multiple reports of other player’s accounts being hacked and relieved of their acquired loot.

The writer, Christian Donlan had his hacked account transferred to the control of ‘Anna’, who later had a conversation with Eurogamer reviews editor Oli Welsh who asked this ‘Anna’ if she had hacked his friends account. She replied by saying she had “bought” the account.

Blizzard are reportedly working to “roll back” the hacked accounts to their balance before they were compromised, but some progress has reportedly been lost.

Blizzard do provide extra security with the Authenticator, but some accounts that were using the ‘extra security’ still got hacked. Incidentally, the Eurogamer writer was not using the Authenticator.