Devs Have Future Plans for Darksiders Universe but Series’ Future Depends on Darksiders II Sales

It seems this is the way with gaming franchises nowadays, with publishers not willing to take on smaller projects where the success is not guaranteed. This rings especially true with new IP’s or the smaller franchises, where the success at retail will determine whether a franchise will continue or not.

It seems a logical theory, but we could see less of a grey area in future, where only the really successful titles will continue to exist.

Vigil Games lead developer, Haydn Dalton has echoed these sentiments, acknowledging that the success of Darksiders II will be the deciding factor on whether the franchise will go forward or not.

Dalton told Strategy Informer in an interview that the studio do have ideas to progress with the Darksiders universe as well as different types of games. He says the studio have a lot of “mechanical things that are on the boil and ready to go,” but these ideas remain in the balance, depending on how Darksiders II sells.

“With the focus on DLC we want to sustain the amount of time people can spend playing Darksiders.”

“Hopefully within that time we’ll find how it’s been received, how people are liking it, so a lot of our future as a games studio will be dependent on how this goes.”

Darksiders II releases in mid-August for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.

A Wii U version is also in development.