Dead Space 3_16

VideoGamer report that EA has pulled the plug on Dead Space 4 due to Dead Space 3 not obtaining anticipated sales.

The anonymous source is reportedly familiar with the Dead Space 4 project which had allegedly been in pre-production at Visceral Games. The project was in the hands of a small team at Visceral Montreal who are also rumoured to have closed following restructuring

The Canadian team were allegedly tasked with developing prototypes and mock-ups for the title, but EA executives were supposed to have visited the studio last month and axed the project.

[Update 1: 6 March]

EA have now spoken out about the rumours and are saying that the IP is “very important” to them, as reported by CVG .

[Update 2: 6 March]

EA has accused VideoGamer of fabricating its Dead Space story.  VideoGamer in return have said that EA were approached to comment on the story prior to it going live, but EA decided to respond in traditional fashion, saying they do “not comment on rumour and speculation.”  Of course, now no-one is being nice to each other and the internet has something brand new to start talking about.  More details of the now soap opera style story via Eurogamer.