Dead Island | Ships 2 Million In First Week

Dead Island, Deep Silver new IP has secured Number 1 chart position in several important territories across the world, and by the end of the week Deep Silver will have shipped around 2 million units globally in its first week of availability.

Dead Island reached the coveted number 1 position in the US with reorders from retail already in process. In the UK, Dead Island ranked number 1 in the all formats chart last week and is also leading the all formats charts in France and Spain, console and PC charts in the Netherlands, Switzerland and Austria and Xbox 360 charts in Italy. Deep Silver say the game has enjoyed similar successes on high chart positions in other territories worldwide. In addition, the PC version of Dead Island has topped the chart for the ten globally bestselling games last week on Steam.

“Our new IP Dead Island has already proven to be a huge success on a global scale for Deep Silver only one week after its release in North America.” says Klemens Kundratitz, CEO of Koch Media. “With Dead Island a number 1 in several important retail territories, this success has also confirmed our standing as a global publisher and has once again proven our position as Europe’s No. 1 retail distributor.”

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