Dead Island Riptide | New screens

Some new Dead Island Riptide screens have staggered out, along with a little bit of information about the game’s ‘horde’ mode.

CVG got an opportunity for a hands on, and we’d suggest you head over to their article for the full rundown.  However, if you enjoyed Dead Island, CVG reckon that “this time, though, everything’s just a bit… better.”

Dead Island Riptide will pick up from your saved game from the first Dead Island and will start you on the level you finished the game – this should ensure a genuine feeling of continuation.

You’re still on a tropical archipelago set in Papa New Guinea, new island Palanai replacing Banoi. You’re still leveling up skills, looting items to craft blades, grenades, firearms and blunt weapons. You’re still joining up to three players online in a big open-world. You’re still cracking open heads with little regard for the emotional tone established in that announcement trailer. This time, though, everything’s just a bit… better.

The improvements at first sound like they belong in patch notes. Weapons degrade slower the more proficient you are with them, remedying the frustration many felt after crafting an expensive poison machete they could barely use before it crumbled to dust. Guns pack a punch, and now headshots definitely drop zombies in one. Even the menus are different, with loot now organised into an intuitive menu leading to less fumbling when trading with merchants.

However, there are new features too big for any patch. The most prominent is defense scenarios, not disimilar to Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. They play into classic zombie fiction; hordes of zombies attack your base, and you need to make a stand. Our demo took place in ancient crumbling ruins where a flooded underground chamber blocked the only way out. A water pump set the scene, providing a tense ten minutes before the tunnel drained and we could escape.

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