Deep Silver have released some new details from the next instalment in the Dead Island franchise.

A fifth new playable character named John Morgan joins the team from the original game.  A self-trained master in hand-to-hand combat, his dreams of a career in the US Navy has only taken him as far as being a cook on a military ship.  Like all good action films (usually starring Steven Seagal), the cook is about to “bring his skills into practice when the ship nears the island of Palanai…”

The town of Henderson is one of the new locations in Dead Island Riptide and is situated on the island of Palanai in the “once beautiful Banoi archipelago.”  The island caters to ultra-wealthy yacht owners and eco-tourists looking to stay nearby to the island’s untouched jungle and the “luxurious town” of Henderson is Palanai’s center and has grown into a “Mediterranean-looking port town.”

“After a monsoon has laid waste the Banoi archipelago the city lies partially flooded and its abandoned buildings are quickly falling into disrepair. The team of heroes will have to find high ground in order to steer clear of the waters, where unknown threats lurk beneath the deceptively calm surface.”

The game is due for release in April 2013.

About Dead Island Riptide:
Having survived the ordeals of the zombie infestation on the once beautiful island resort of Banoi, our group of survivors thought they had finally found a safe place to escape from this terrifying nightmare. But they were wrong. Shortly after the battle-hardened team had landed their helicopter on a military ship, a furious storm hits and havoc quickly spreads on board. Suddenly they find themselves struggling for their lives again with all hope drowning in the rising waves.

With invigorating new elements infused into a proven mix, Dead Island Riptide will reanimate the zombie terror in the original game. A monsoon has hit the once beautiful archipelago and heavy rainstorms have laid waste to large areas of the islands. The city of Henderson and jungle areas on the island of Palanai were flooded leaving boats as the only remaining way of transportation. Dynamic weather conditions will force the team members to adapt to changing visibility conditions.

A fifth character will join the team, with an all-new and unique skillset. The combined skills of the group will be sorely needed, since terrible, new and unknown zombie mutations have emerged all over the island.

In a new hub defense missions the coop teamplay skills of the survivors will be tested to the limit – they need to strategically place traps, fences and turrets to fend off oncoming Zombie onslaughts and to protect the humans in these sanctuaries.

New communication features in coop mode also allow players to enjoy an even more intense and strategic teamplay experience.

Dead Island Riptide will be released on April 23, 2013 in the USA and Canada and on April 26, 2013 in European countries for the PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system, for the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft and for Windows PC.

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