Darbee Visual Presence HDMI Cable Tech Turns 2D Images to 3D Experiences

Interestingly, snakebyte is to unveil its DarbeeVision technology for HDMI cables, which they say can turn 2D images into 3D experiences – without glasses or additional equipment.

The HDMI cable manufacturer explains that DarbeeVision utilizes the neurological and biological principles that underlie human vision to add a three-dimensional component to two-dimensional images


The features of the snakebyte 3D HDMI cable include:

  • Features patented Darbee Visual Presence Technology inspired by neuro-biological models of human vision
  • Embeds real depth cues in monoscopic, digital images and thus causes enhanced perception of object shape
  • Sublime solution for making 2D images look full of depth and realism by putting into an image more of what the human brain is expecting to take out
  • Resolution-independent, real-time processing with performance surpassing 1080p@60Hz
  • Revolutionary image processing without artifacts or enhancing image noise
  • Works for any digital image and all kinds of devices (DVD Players, digital TV, video games, computers etc.)
  • Darbee Visual Presence brings a never-before-seen level of realism to 2D images

The new 3D HDMI cable with Darbee Visual Presence technology will be offered around the world, exclusively by snakebyte. Its 3D capabilities will be presented for the first time at e3 2011.

Pictures of Darbee Visual Presence technology can be found here.


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