We go away for one day and ALL the movie trailers get released. Today’s boom will be trailer loaded, so hope your seacom is fixed.

First up is the Hit-Girl central trailer for Kick Ass 2:

I for one won’t mind if the whole movie is Hit-Girl orientated. She remind me a little of Damian from the recent Batman comics. The whole lost childhood due to being a drained death machine angle just does it for me. I am sure the whole movie will be good. I mean they do have Jim Carrey in there being crazy.

Up next is The Wolverine trailer. Finally we get to see what this movie is all about!

So… he goes to see some Japanese dude to get his powers removed? You are Wolverine! You have the most useful power in the world ever! Why would you want to throw that away? Anyway, the action looks great, so at least there will be that.

You have Mark Walhberg and Dwayne Johnson in one movie, what else would the name be but Pain and Gain? Below is the RedBand trailer so, NSFW.

Wow, that looks good. As in funny good. Let’s hope Michael Bay hits this one out of the park so that people can remember that he actually does fun movies in time for TURTLES!

Last but not least… White House Down

Ug, Channing Tatum…

Enjoy your Easter Weekend Boomers. I am taking a bit extra off so there won’t be any Booms next week. But we [We, who is we? – Undead Ed] will be back before you know it!