Exploding Rock

Alright. I have hogtied that Doom chap and taken over his column today. Why? Because RAMfest, that’s why.

The international bands for RAMfest have been announced and it’s a humdinger which nearly gave this grumpy old zombie a stroke due to excitement. Cape Town and Johannesburg, on 6 to 9 March 2014, you can look forward to:

I have no idea who the bottom lot are, but look… KILL. SWITCH. ENGAGE. And TRIVIUM. OK. I’m a little excited by it all. For more details and to get your tickets, head here.

How about we celebrate with a new Jesse-era video.

Sticking with all things metal, South African metal band Arc Reactor are preparing to release their first album on the 1st of November, and have released this teaser trailer.

Mad man Devin Townsend has released a new clip from his Retinal Circus DVD. The man is nuts. Clearly.

The new Nine Inch Nails album – Hesitation Marks – is out this week.

Linkin Park fans can look forward to a new single from the band this month. A Light That Never Comes will be available via a new game featuring the band. LP Recharge, will see players recharge an energy-sapped planet using various forms of sustainable energy and can be found by registering on the band’s Facebook Page.

The first trailer for Seth Rogan’s new film Neighbors. We all have them… don’t we?


And that – as they say in the classics – is that. Better go untie that Doom character quickly.