Daily Boom throws bombs at Zombies


Yeah I just said that! BOOM!

I forgot about the boom yesterday because I have a life, and The Undead Ed fired me (not the first time this month mind you). So I thought a clip from World War Z is in order to start of today’s boom. [It shows zombies dying. You want a medal for that? – Undead Ed]

Did you love the Expendables 2? Love Arnie and Rocky? Prison Break and Oz? Then my friend, The Escape Plan will be a 5 star movie for you.

To make ends meat (see what I did there?) with the Undead Ed I thought I would add a horror movie in here. Sure it is a Horror Comedy but that is what we call a compromise.

Yesterday the powers that be announced One Night in Cape Town. So far Deftones and Yellow Card have been announced. The picture below has more information. [And so does this link. Layabout. – Undead Ed]


About Zombie of Doom

Between trying to be a comedian and contributing to the cause of the Zombies, Zombie of Doom is also known as Dante of Doom or Richard to his parents. They are probably a little concerned about him.