Daily Boom gets dirty


I should still be in bed… boom… *yawns*

Let’s start up with something light. Disney is set to release some new Mickey Mouse shorts. These were a big part of any child’s life growing up. Hopefully in 50 years these new ones will also have a cult status.

I like the animation style. It pays homage to the olden days when Undead Ed was probably in his teens?

Lets take it up a notch with Blue Jasmine starring an array of actors from Cate Blanchett to Andrew Dice Clay.

Now lets take it all the way with this Red Band Trailer for Filth. See what happens when Professor X meets Billy Elliot.

That is an all around boom for something for everyone in the family. Enjoy the day.

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Between trying to be a comedian and contributing to the cause of the Zombies, Zombie of Doom is also known as Dante of Doom or Richard to his parents. They are probably a little concerned about him.