Daily Boom can train an Oldboy new tricks


Let’s not mention yesterday and just get started with today’s boom. [Yesterday. You weren’t here again were you? – Undead Ed]

Other than Up, How to Train a Dragon is probably one of my favourite CGI movies of recent years. I really feel like the genre has reached a plateau of sorts. That being said, the teaser for How to Train a Dragon 2 gave me chills!

I have not seen the Original Oldboy or read the manga but to find someone that hasn’t heard about it must be very hard. America is bringing Oldboy out for a western audience and it stars none other than Josh Brolin. Should be good, but allow me a premonition of sorts. It won’t be as good as the original. At least, that is what the critics and fans will say.

To play out, here is some Muse with Panic Station.

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