Daily Boom – 31 Jan 2013


Boom time for the news you surprisingly nice smelling zombies.

Being a huge Entourage fan I am ecstatic to hear the news the movie has been green lit and given the go ahead. It has been over to years since we see Vince and the gang living the Hollywood dream and to be honest, I have been losing hope. But it seems that most of the stars are on board already so lets do this already!

Apparently Justin Bieber didn’t grope a girls boob… But the bigger question is, who cares! It is crazy the garbage that make headlines.

Fans of How I met your mother might be sad (or happy?) to learn that Season 9 of the show will be the last. IGN reported that CBS has confirmed early rumours that season 9 will be the swan song. Can’t say I am happy, I like ten season comedy shows. But, I do remember Friends producers once confirming that season 9 would be the last season of that show so who knows. Or maybe there will be a spin off show called “How your Uncle Barney became legen…. wait for it…”

Disney Animation has released the Oscar Nominated short film Paperman and can I just say… wow. Artistically it looks beautiful. Amazing to think it took 14 months to produce. For six minutes! You can have a look at the movie below and let us know what you think.


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