Daily Boom – 30 Jan 2013


So every morning poor Zombie Dredd works tirelessly [No sympathy.  He’s a jerk that deserves it – Undead Ed] to bring you gaming news so I have taken it upon myself to try and bring you news from the Movie and Music industries both international and local (if I can find some)… Lets see how well this goes…

First up it seems Mr Rodriguez is putting his renewed fame to good use and releasing a third album. He told Rolling Stone that once he breaks from touring he will sit down with producers and get some ideas together. Hopefully this time he gets his money…

Ashton Kutcher was hospitalised after taking on Steve Jobs’ diet in preparation for the upcoming jOBS movie. Steve Wozniak – which is my favourite Steve – also said that from what he has seen from the movie was far from what actually happened. But Steve, movies are always so true and based in reality…

Local news as SABC 1 and Skyroomlive.com have teamed up to produce a local live music show titled, SkyRoomLive. This sounds interesting enough and could go far to support some local artists and the concerts they put on.

Remember the Planned Justice League movie? Well, it might now happen if Man of Steel isn’t successful. I say, take the script outside and put it out of its misery already.

Lastly, JJ Abrams must have a huge coke budget. Not only is he going to direct the next Star Wars under the Disney banner and produce Star Trek 3, he is also in talks with Bradley Cooper about the Lance Armstrong Biopic he has planned. How many hours are there in your day man?

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