Daily Boom – 29 May 2013


Here is a very sick boom… hope you don’t get my germs.

First up, a behind the scenes look at The East – an upcoming movie staring Ellen Paige about hippies and corporations.

Ever wondered how Superman shaves? Who hasn’t. It is right up there with, how does Superman do a lot of things… Gillette have collected a few smart people in different fields of expertise to give forth their theories and the result is nothing short of entertaining. Check out the article over at BleedingCool.com for the videos and more info. Which theory is your favorite?

Check out the new Tesseract video for their song Singularity. It has a pretty lady and aliens in it.

Enjoy the day, I am going back to bed.

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Between trying to be a comedian and contributing to the cause of the Zombies, Zombie of Doom is also known as Dante of Doom or Richard to his parents. They are probably a little concerned about him.