An epic battle goes boom today in today’s….

That epic battle is between to Marvel comic book heroes who both have a new trailer out, and no, it’s not Iron Man…

Thor The Dark World Trailer

The Wolverine (actually not a new trailer, just an old one in Japanese but I need to bend the truth to setup the joke. That is how jokes work…).

There has been debate over which would be the best movie, and I for one have to side with Thor over Wolverine here.

Man, I never thought I would ever say that…

(That was the joke. I didn’t say it would be a good one.)

Here is your top five from this weekends Box Office.

1. GI Joe Retaliation
2. Oblivion
3. Escape From Planet Earth
4. The Croods
5. The Host

Wow, not even Tom Cruise can climb to the heights GI Joe is setting.