Daily Boom – 21 Feb 2013


Playstation 4 who am I right? Here is some news that matters!

A still has been released for the upcoming Wolverine movie where our hero spends some years in Japan doing what ever it is a Wolverine does in Japan. I expecting a lot of killing. The movie is set to release in June, no idea when it hits South Africa though.

I know a lot of people out there hate Justin Bieber and the other bunch of pop stars. But if like me, you like some of there stuff in secret, you can now wear cleverly designed metal shirts of said pop stars. I am sure some more hardcore people think this is some kind of blasphemy, but hey, those designs look sweet! I might get one for Undead Ed, I hear he loves some Celine Dion.

ET online had an interview with Mark Hamill where they spoke Star Wars
. It is an interesting read and Mr Hamill does mention that he has spoken to the writers for the next Star Wars movie. No contracts have been signed, but he might appear in it as his older self, or his current self, I am not sure.

Now you can go back and read about Playstation 4.