Daily Boom – 12 March 2013


Wow, slow news day was slow, so here is the bottom of the barrel of boom.

Kevin Smith had a stint of creativity over the weekend and started working on a script for Clerks III. He plans for it to be his last movie to end his career as a director. This comes a week after he said on Facebook that he was done with movies and all he wants to do now is podcast. So it is rather believable. He also stated that he plans on going out like he started so I am expecting this new Clerks to be in black and white as well.

You would think becoming an Angry Bird means you have reached a plateau in life. But it isn’t enough for Slash as he is planning a new album. Seriously, he is a Angry Bird.

Last but not least is this little trailer of a movie called Generation Um… staring the one (hehe get it?) and only Keanu Reeves.

The movie will be Keanu Reeves’ first in a while and as a big fan I am rather excited for it. Would be cool if he did kung fu in it though. But there is always 47 Ronin to look forward to for that (unless it is all arty and stuff).

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