The boom is back baby. Some internet downtime kept me away from you and I know you missed me, right? Here is what I have for you today.

Big news last week was that there will be a new Hitman moving coming out in the future. Who do you think will be in the lead role? Moby? NO! Paul Walker… yeah that guy from the Fast and Furious movies… Can’t hold my excitement…

So Justin Bieber was caught smoking weed the other day and the world ended. This past weekend he was host of SNL and used the opportunity to apologize for his “mistake”. He also said he would never do it again. Smoke weed or get caught Justin?

If you are a fan of zombies like us you must love The Walking Dead. Be it the TV series or like me, the comics. Can’t wait for the next season or comic book to come out to get your zombie fix? Well a Walking Dead website has been launched so you can go and get your zombie on. Just check out theWalkingdead.com

Guess who’s back, back again. Eminem! Paul Rosenberg has said that Eminem’s next album should launch middle 2013. I for one, can’t wait.

One think I really like is explosions, fast cars and Vin Diesel. I wouldn’t go as far as calling fast and furious a great movie franchise (it does have Paul *spit* Walker in it) but it is at least an entertaining one. Well the next one in the series is back and it looks nothing less than insane. The trailer released a week ago and you can watch it below.

DUDE JUST DROVE OUT A PLANE! Man, wish I was a teenager again.