Daily Boom – 08 May 2013


Time to go Boom.

Judge Minty is a Fan Made film about a Judge called Minty and his Long Walk.

That must be one of the most spectacular fan made films I have ever seen. Goes a long way to appease my hunger for more Dredd.

HIM might have cancelled their US tour due to some health issues but at least we get a brand new music video from the Finnish band.

Special Effects in movies is not something that is new to the digital age. Before the days of the personal computers, artists like Ray Harryhausen had to use the tools at their disposal to bring out the best effects they could. Ray Harryhausen was a pioneer in the special effect industry and he shall be missed. I have added the famous scene from Jason and the Argonauts below which showcase the talent of this man. He will be missed. RIP Ray Harryhausen.

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