Daily Boom – 06 March 2013


Can they hype up Iron Man 3 any more? I doubt it. Let’s see in today’s BOOM!

Halle Berry has signed up to join Xmen: Days of Future Past, and she isn’t the first original cast member to do so. This movie is getting more and more interesting to tell the truth. But for now this is not the movie I am most excited for right now. Not even for a Marvel movie.

Nope that award goes to:

Yes, that is a new Iron Man 3 movie trailer. To be honest I was never really a big Iron Man fan. Mostly because I am not even a big Marvel fan to be honest. But these movies they keep churning out, man they are entertaining. So Iron Man 3 won’t win any awards at the Oscars or Golden Globes but it will make me enjoy popcorn at the movie theater and go wow a couple of times. Btw, do yourself a favour and go read the Extremis graphic novel now!

Some quick music news. The Wu Tang Clan is celebrating their 20th year anniversary later this year and Method Man has said that there will be an anniversary album. Whether it will be new songs or a type of ‘best of’ though, no one knows – except the Wu Tang Clan obviously!

That is all for today, enjoy your hump day and drive safe.

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