Scandinavian reality TV show Gamerz recently completed season one of its CS:GO talent-finding series.

Five new CS:GO players secured a 6-month professional contract after spending time living and playing together while cameras recorded their every move. Imagine the gaming equivalent of Big Brother and you’re almost spot on.

Why is this of any importance to you as a South African Counter-Strike player? Because the show is expanding and has opened registrations to more regions, including an ‘African version’.

Interested players and budding CS:GO pros on the continent now have yet another opportunity to start a career (or earn some money) in the rapidly growing local scene.

Full details of when the next season will start shooting is not available yet but hopefuls will need to be prepared to “dedicate yourself 100%, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for one month, in” the Gamerz gaming facility.

More videos from the show can be found on the Gamerz YouTube channel.

[Source: Dexerto]