Counter-Strike: GO | Beta Servers launched by MWEB – Win one of three Codes

MWEB GameZone have launched Beta servers for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and have been awesome enough to offer us three codes to get early access.

Sadly, while we’d love to be able to show those MWEB GameZone employees our L337 skillz, our PCs are only powerful enough to run Solitaire on low resolution.  However, we’d love to offer three of our readers the chance to use the codes on our behalf, so simply send us an email to with the subject “CS:GO” and we’ll draw a lucky winner.  Please see the rules and stuff below.

Desmond Kurz, Online Gaming Manager at MWEB was heard to say:  “We are very excited to provide a number of CS:GO Beta servers spread across our Data-Centres located in Cape Town and in Gauteng.  We are also now in the process of distributing a number of Beta Keys that will allow our local community the opportunity to play and test an early release of this highly anticipated title.”

The “rules”:

  • Entries close at 3pm on Friday 20 April.
  • Only open to South African residents.

What do you need to play CS:GO?

You will need an up-to-date version of Steam installed as well as a registered Steam account. – Available here. It also goes without saying that you will need a broad-band internet account to be able to play as well as download the client. (CS:GO Client is approximately 1.5 gigs).

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